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Free homeschool lesson plan on pygmy tarsiers

Below is a free homeschool lesson plan on pygmy tarsiers suitable for kids in the elementary levels. To make the lesson suitable for older kids, try having them instead do research on the pygmy tarsiers and have them write a detailed report.

Pygmy tarsiers are tiny primates living on a mountaintop in Indonesia. The creatures are said to resemble the fictional gremlins depicted in a movie. They were thought to be extinct, but were recently discovered by scientists.

Beginning the homeschool lesson on pygmy tarsiers
The start of the lesson should involve reading to the children (or having them read) information about the pygmy tarsiers. The following report is great for provoking discussion related to the pygmy tarsier.

Pygmy tarsier captured in Indonesia: Gremlins not extinct as thought
The pygmy tarsier, a species thought to be extinct around 85 years ago has been found and captured in Indonesia. The pygmy tarsiers, sometimes referred to as gremlins, are a tiny primate species currently inhabiting a mountaintop in Indonesia.
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Interactive group discussion on pygmy tarsiers
To help enforce the homeschool lesson on pygmy tarsiers, as well as practice reading and science comprehension, group discussion is recommended. Here are some suggested group questions to discuss after reading the report above.

1) Where do the pygmy tarsiers live?
2) Why might scientists have been unable to detect pygmy tarsiers until recently?
3) Could pygmy tarsiers be dangerous? Why or why not?
4) Would pygmy tarsiers make good pets? Why or why not?
5) What are some other members of the primate family?
6) Should scientists track pygmy tarsiers or not? Explain.
7) Do you think there are other animals that can turn their heads 180 degrees like the pygmy tarsiers?

Homeschool lesson reenforcement suggestions For art, the students could view pictures of pygmy tarsiers online and draw their own or construct them out of clay. Click Here for some pictures. Also fun, creative, and educational, is to offer free printable coloring pages featuring the tarsier. has a fun printable coloring page of the tarsier. Enchanted Learning has a labeled anatomy and fact sheet that can also be colored. Christian Answers has a very detailed coloring sheet that the older kids will appreciate.

Try surfing the web for more research on pygmy tarsiers. Some interesting websites for this information include Wikipedia and Animal Diversity Web. Children should be encouraged to write facts or a report about pygmy tarsiers, according to their age level and academic abilities.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain


  • Vincent Summers - Norfolk Kitchen Science Examiner 5 years ago

    A very neat idea, providing home school lessons for others to benefit from. I hadn't heard they were thought extinct!

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    Thanks for the wonderful resource, Lyn!

  • K K Thornton - Dallas Ethnic Food Examiner 5 years ago

    Pygmy tarsiers sure are funky looking, aren't they? And it's nice to find out that something isn't extinct, instead of the other way around. I look forward to reading (and learning from) more of your lesson plans; I've just subscribed. :)

  • Anna Sanclement-Ft Lauderdale Science News Examine 5 years ago

    This is great, I'll have to keep this handy for when our daughter is of school age. Thank you!

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    A provoking subject. I'll bet most adults know little about them.

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    That's an interesting homeschool lesson plan!

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    Hey Lynn, I found you! Great little article! Kids love this kind of thing. I subscribed and hope to share more good homeschooling materials. :)

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    Excellent lesson plan Lyn.