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Free home improvements to add to your curb appeal


Take a good look around your home. How is it's "curb appeal"? Do you have things like dead shrubbery or plants that are in poor health?

Removing these are a good place to start. Some plants may look good but just need to be relocated  to a spot where they show up  better.

You may be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes when a neighbor sees you working in your yard they will offer to give you some plants from their yard.

As you are working you may spot other things that need fixing. Perhaps the storm door needs adjusting. If it is in really bad shape just take it down. A door that is standing open it is not doing any good anyway.

Things like crooked mailboxes and broken newspaper boxes make a world of difference when corrected. Porch light fixtures and door bell buttons may be crooked or just need cleaning. Make sure your house numbers are straight and visible from the street.

Dead tree limbs are another item that is often overlooked. While cutting them you may notice the gutters need cleaning out.

Driveways and sidewalks can be made to appear a lot nicer just by defining the edges. You can trim or rake as needed. 

If the weather is right look for a house plant you can sit out on the porch in a nice pot.

Make sure your curtains look good from outside. They may just need to be straightened. Check for spider webs and dirty windows. You will start to notice all kinds of easy fixes.

As you work, make a list of things you notice, but can't fix for free. Later on you can use your tax refund or save up for these repairs.

Let your friends and relatives know what you are doing. They may come up with all kinds of things to give you that they no longer want or use. People love to help people who are improving the looks of their home.

In just one weekend you may be amazed at the things you have fixed for free.


  • Linda Florence Gardening Examiner 5 years ago

    Great advice and simple ideas.