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Free home appraisal: Comprehensive market analysis

Free Home Appraisal
Free Home Appraisal
Tash Casso & Eugene Drozdov

A free home appraisal or a comprehensive market analysis is the best way to determine a homes value. Many home owners wait until they are thinking of selling their home before assessing its value. What's your home worth? I've got your number--here's mine call Tash Casso at 612.615.9183 or send me an email

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Once owners know what their home is worth they may decide to sell it or come up with a game plan for the future. They may want to assess the value for the purpose of refinancing. In this case having an educated mortgage professional is important.

What are today's mortgage rates? How can home owners pay their mortgage balance down faster? For those thinking about refinancing or buying a new home call Eugene Drozdov to receive a free quote 763.528.5403.

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Get your free home appraisal or comprehensive market analysis of your homes value. Find out what your home is worth, if it's a good time to sell it, purchase a new home, or refinance your current one. For more information about the value of your home call Tash Casso at 612.615.9183. For information about market rates, refinancing, and qualifying for a mortgage call Eugene Drozdov at 763.528.5403.

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