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Free Heart Screenings in Broward - February is American Heart Month

American Heart Month
American Heart Month
Broward Health

When was the last time you got your heart checked out? Well Broward county is offerring Free heart screenings for the entire month of February for American Heart Month.

Heart disease is a leading killer in Americans today.  It is by far beneficial that you take advantage of this opportunity and get your heart checked out at no cost to you. 

The problem is we wait too long to get ourselves checked out and then things can be really bad. You can go to and schedule your appointment today for your FREE screening.

Even if you don't have a history of heart disease in your family, this is important. The majority of foods we eat today are the reasons why this is a must for everyone to do. Please take better care of yourselves. You want to be around long enough for your family to enjoy you and vice versa. And even if you're alone, you want to live a healthy life overall and it starts here.

The screening will include a blood pressure test, your BMI or Body mass index as well as a comprehensive cholesterol check.

So grab a friend, your family, your parents and schedule your Free appointment today.

February is also the month of Valentine's and love and your best Valentine is to love yourself and your family and friends enough by caring for your hearts. A perfect thing for you couples to do together. Live long and strong.


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