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Free gift card with purchase of Apple TV

Apple is giving away a free gift card with the purchase of an Apple TV, according to a March 2 article in

The free $25.00 iTunes gift card that Apple is offering with the purchase of a $99.00 Apple TV brings the price of an Apple TV to an incredibly low $74.00. Apple TV is now Apple's fastest growing product and is developing into much more than a hobby, according to Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Apple TV now has its own space in the Apple Store, along side Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod, with its own community and support features. What's more, Apple has been working diligently to pack Apple TV with content.

Apple TV now features free apps with access to Bloomberg TV, Watch ABC, Watch ESPN, Hulu Plus, Crackle and Netflix and many others. WWE Network has recently been added to the lineup and each night WWE provides live, exclusive programming, that cannot be found on traditional television.

In the case of WWE Network, there is a seven day free trial and then a $9.99 monthly subscription (as there are with a few of these services). But the good news is that you get to pick what you want to watch and subscribe to—unlike the cable companies that bundle together and charge you for channels that you never watch.

Also users can mirror what they are watching or playing on their iPad or iPhone to their Apple TV. For example, rather than watch a free movie on your iPad that you found on YouTube or Crackle, you can simply tap the AirPlay icon and the movie will stream to your Apple TV so you can watch it on your television.

Usually when there is a good deal like this one, it's because the company what to reduce inventory in preparation for a new version of the product that is being imminently released. We've been assure by well-connected people like Jim Dalrymple that this isn't the case with this deal.

The deal of a free $25.00 iTunes gift card with the purchase of an Apple TV is good at Apple Stores (both retail and online) and lasts until March 5.

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