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FREE fun things to do in the snow!

Snow much fun!
Snow much fun!
Lindsey Cox

You don't have to spend buckets of money on fancy snow equipment to have fun out in the winter wonderland.  Most of us who are North Carolina locals realize deep snow is a rare treat; we often do not spend money each year on snow clothing, sleds, and other such snow gear. It's okay!  Relax! Just get out there and have fun and make the most of the weather with what you have on hand.

1.  Sleds.  You don't have to own or purchase a fancy, expensive sled.  Odds are, once you decide you want one, the stores are already sold out of them anyway.  For little bottoms, a cookie pan or aluminum baking pan works wonders.  When the snow is really packed, a simple oversized trash can lid will also work well.  People have even had success making a homemade sled out of garbage bags!  When I was a child, we used old coca-cola signs taken down off the old barns.  These are not readily available these days, but put the principle to work:  flat, very well. Check out this really cool homemade frugal sled!  Just remember to bail out before you hit the trees! These homemade sleds don't have stopping mechanisms!

2.  Make your own Snow Cream:

-3 cups clean snow (some people like to put the bowl outside before the snow begins; that way you are assured clean snow)

-1 cup sugar

-1 cup milk or cream, or half-and-half (use what you have on hand)

-vanilla flavoring, about 1 Tbsp.

Mix ingredients together in a bowl.  Eat or freeze quickly.  You can top your snow cream with chocolate syrup or anything your heart desires!  Some folks like to get very gourmet with their snow cream.  You can use evaporated milk, condensed milk, even crushed pineapple in your snow cream concoction!

3.  Make a snowman.  Easy enough?  Free, too!  If you don't have a hat or carrot handy, make do with rocks, sticks, and other natural items. Have a contest to see who can make the most eclectic snowman!

4. Hot cocoa  Last, but not least, warm up when you come inside with a nice hot cup of cocoa. Don't worry if you don't have plenty of store-bought cocoa on hand.  Make do with what you have. Melt a few Hershey's kisses and put into the milk.  Use chocolate syrup.  You can even use flavored coffee creamers to add fanciful flavorings to boring cocoa!  Mix it up!

Enjoy a snow day as a family.  It is an easy, inexpensive way to bond together.  If you're stuck in the house together for a few days, you might as well make the best of it!


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