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Free From The Tracks appeals to teens and adults

This teen novel is mature enough for new adults as well.
KT Bowes

“Free From The Tracks” by K T Bowes is a fictional novel based in New Zealand. Sixteen year-old Sophia Armitage is a good girl from a Christian home which fits the community stereotype of the perfect family. But all is not well and Sophia becomes trapped in an illusion, forced to pretend that nothing has changed and hug her secret to herself. Her mother, Sally, disappeared two months previously and her father, Edgar is not coping. Into this turmoil comes another influence, Dane McArdle, the central figure of a nasty group of teenagers at the local high school, reputedly the worst school in the city of Hamilton. Dane is definitely from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’, a boy from a rough neighbourhood near the railway line, whose mother is a drug addict. Dane and Sophia’s lives are wound together in combined misery as events conspire to work against them and in the background, jealous eyes watch their blossoming friendship with hatred and the threat of danger. This novel is categorised as ‘Teen’ on Amazon but has also been read and enjoyed by adults. It deals with the types of influences and social issues pressing in on this generation of young people, which is not peculiar to New Zealand only and does contain mild violence.

“This novel was inspired by my own experience of school, growing up in England during the 1980’s,” explains the author. “Bullying was a major issue and, I believe still is. I wanted to reach out to teens feeling under pressure to conform or behave within stereotypical boundaries, especially those being bullied. Hopefully my novel offers a message of hope; that survival is possible and life does go on after the school years.”

K T Bowes is the author of ten books. “The Hana Mystery Series” comprises six books, following the story of Hana, a widowed English immigrant to New Zealand. In addition to “Free From The Tracks”, there is a sequel entitled “Sophia’s Dilemma”, which follows Dane and Sophia through another crisis. Each of the novels is currently ranking within the top 100 bestsellers within their categories. “Free From The Tracks” and “Sophia’s Dilemma” were both awarded five star reviews from Readers’ Favorite and display the coveted Reader’s Favorite disk on their covers.

The average star rating on Amazon currently is 5*

Bill Howard, reviewer for Readers’ Favorite said about "Free From The Tracks" in his review,

The action and drama is all too real as Dane and Sophia navigate their way through crippling circumstances that challenge the depths of their strength as they are forced to press forward practically alone. The reader will feel the depth of emotion and the struggle that each of them faces as they work out their challenges, both separately and together. Deep, realistic and in many ways inspiring.”

Becki H, an Amazon reviewer said, “I was gripped from the beginning and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that as soon as I reached the end I logged on to Amazon to purchase the second book, and carried on reading!”

"Free From The Tracks" is available on Amazon Kindle ASIN: B00F7CKBGO and can be downloaded for US 99c on the Amazon universal link

You can learn more about the author at Twitter account @hanadurose and Facebook page The author’s blog is The Library Corner at To contact the author visit her Google+ page,

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