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Free From Gravity takes the high road

The Long Road
Bob Langham

The unavoidable truth is you just can’t dance to some songs, but that’s okay.

The gravity of the situation

That doesn't have to be a deal breaker. The “Long Road” by the UK band Free From Gravity is one of these songs. You can’t really dance to it, but that won’t stop it from moving you. It’s an inspirational and uplifting tune about the long road you travel down when fighting the battle against cancer. It’s a song that’s near and dear to Free From Gravity lead singer Vince Barnes because he’s walked hand in hand along that long road with his mother Valerie Richards who has battled cancer and come away a survivor.

If you’re looking for escapist rock and roll music that doesn't require participation from the majority of your brain cells, and you just want to dance yourself silly, then “The Long Road,” probably isn't for you. That’s alright. There’s no shortage of that kind of frivolous music and there’s nothing wrong with it either. It has it’s time and place, and it provides a healthy outlet for those who just want to rock. However, it still might be a good idea to listen to “The Long Road.” Even if you've never been touched by cancer directly or indirectly through a stricken loved one, you can’t say with any kind of certainty that you never will.

“The Long Road” provides a musical road map for anyone who finds themselves on that long road, whether it be today or tomorrow.

The long road ahead

If you are still one of those people who thinks that music is for rocking out, not for raising awareness and inspiring people to act, then maybe you've forgotten the power and the higher calling that music can achieve - “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” “We Are the World”? Do these songs ring any bells? In the tradition of these classic songs with a humanitarian purpose, the effect and the reach of “The Long Road” endures and surpasses the song itself. It’s music with a higher goal. It goes above and beyond and encourages positive action. Take a listen to “The Long Road” and take it to heart. If you’re on a similar journey as Valerie Richards, or like Vince Barnes you are close to someone who is, it will be there with you as you travel that road to give you the strength and the courage to walk on.

Vince Barnes, and Free From Gravity could have cowered in the corner and given up playing music when Valerie Richards was stricken with cancer. Instead, they used the power of music and harnessed its strength and energy to work towards raising awareness about a problem and trying to remedy it. Now that’s something you can dance to. That’s music with a mission.

Free From Gravity continues on this mission to raise awareness and take the journey along that long road with other cancer survivors through “Yes to Life,” a charitable initiative supporting an integrative approach to cancer care.

Click here to listen to “The Long Road.”

Click here to visit Free From Gravity’s website.

Click here to find out more information about “Yes to Life.”

Click here to sign up for the free e-book The Long Road: Surviving Cancer, an integrative approach to recovering from cancer written by Vince Barnes.

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