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Free Fridays at MOMA

Jai Waltz

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most popular art museums in New York City. However, it is very pricey at twenty five dollars for adult admission. But every Friday, admission is free after 4 p.m. Be prepared for a crowd although Fridays are the best time to go to MOMA since it's free and with the twenty five dollar admission, one does not have the freedom to take pictures inside the museum.

The line for free tickets inside the Museum of Modern Art is actually pretty fast. But it will wrap around the corner of the block of 54th Street, so it is best to get there by 3:30 p.m. Once inside, there are several floors with different exhibitions. Most of the exhibits are not interactive and only to be admired while being packed into the crowd.

But the art and technology exhibit was interactive, which made it appealing for all ages. There was video games throughout the years including Space Invaders and Asteroids, which used to be played on the Atari, all the way up to Sim City 2000, which is played on the computer. True art appreciation as far as video games are concerned is the appreciation of the changing of the graphics, especially when one considers the games of today that are too new to be a part of a museum experiment. But also in this exhibit was a few street signs to show how art is a demonstration of what people can understand and recognize. But then there is a Google maps exhibit, which shows the art form of a map and how interactive it is in order for people to follow directions, similar to reading static signs. But the real way that art comes into play with technology is when someone makes a prototype. A prototype of a computer chip was on display in this area. If one thinks about it, without that prototype, none of the aforementioned exist today.

It is very easy to think about a starving artist, especially in New York City where everyone wants to be something in the arts but very few make it big. But as one visits the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, he will see that the few who do make it big in some way have made some of the biggest impacts on the world today.

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