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Free Friday and ladies fitness


photo by Jim Steinhaus

You have probably heard of Free Fridays, so I am doing my part to pass along a couple fitness freebies to you. First is a free sample Power Bar. Power Bar is giving away free samples of its Gel Blasts, which are a great tasting pick me up for your workouts.
Also, ladies get a free customized fitness plan from Curves when you sign up for a free, one-week gym pass. Enter your phone number and email so a Curves rep can contact you to set up the free week. Curves' is a very popular women-only gym that uses a series of fitness machines to help you build muscle, burn fat and increase your stamina and cardio strength. You could easily find a friend who belongs to Curves that could provide you information and support your motive to join. Curves claim you can burn up to 500 calories by doing their 30-minute workout, which works every major muscle group.
I had the pleasure Thursday night of attending the Arnold Sports Festival 2010 which runs thru this Sunday the 7th at the Columbus Convention Center.  Thursday was exclusive for the ladies Amateur Fitness & Figure Prejudging. As I was driving to the event I was listening to the radio disk jockeys criticizing these women’s physiques. Frankly this is something that I commonly hear. After attending this event I was absolutely awe struck!
First, by how large and internationally attended this sports festival is. And second, these ladies are incredible. The fact that anyone can be so dedicated to nutrition, knowledge, and the physically demanding work outs that could mold their bodies to perfection is amazing. During a time period that health and fitness is alarmingly poor in Columbus and this country, they stand far apart from society and should be an inspiration to us all.
I urge you to attend this event this weekend; there is something of interest for everyone, you can learn a lot and get some exercise walking!



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