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Free Exercise and Camping at Adelanto

Enjoy free one stop rest
Enjoy free one stop rest
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Why pay when you can go exercise and camping for free? The Adelanto City Park is an amazing option if you want to go camping and exercise for free. The great thing about camping here is that the road to get in is paved so you do not need a four wheel drive car to go camping. There are about 6-15 camp sites at the Adelanto City Park. Typically there is no charge to go camping at the Adelanto City Park. The draw back of camping at Adelanto City Park is that typically you can only stay one day in the park. This can be irritating when you want to stay longer, however you can not beat the price of free. The amenities in the park include both drinking water and restrooms.

Municipal Park area
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Adelanto City Park is in a beautiful and nice little town on Highway 395. The park is actual just a municipal park with an area for dogs. They allow overnigh parking here. The great thing is that there is a convenience store right next to the park to get your morning coffee and maybe even a morning banana or bagel. You can go jogging safely around the park on nice grass so you get easy exercise and camping.

You can reach the Adelanto Municipal Park from US-395. The park is just north of San Bernardino. It is just a few miles north of the intersection between US395 and Highway 15. You can find the park relatively easily. As you drive through the town you will see a water tank and just about 1/2 a block to the east of the water tank is the city park that allows camping and is great for jogging around and exercise. One word of caution is to call ahead to make sure nothing has changed and it is safe. Some recent reports suggest the neighborhood may have gone downhill and you may want to be cautious about car camping here. Specifically you may want to park extremely close to the convenience store if you go car camping here.