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Free emergency help for Albuquerque drivers: / Visitors or Locals

Free help when you need it
Free help when you need it

If you're going to run out of gas or have your car break down on vacation just hope you're on the interstate in Albuquerque when disaster strikes. Instead of frantically waving down a passing motorist or searching a phone directory for help there is a quick solution that may be even quicker than calling AAA, even if you are a member.

If you're on I - 25 headed either north or south or on I - 40 traveling east or west and your car starts to sputter or stumble there is immediate help waiting to come help you resolve your problem. Anytime from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. there is a corps of 8 Courtesy Patrol trucks eager to assist. If you have had a flat tire, run out of fuel (diesel or gasoline), need water for your radiator, need a jump start for your battery or for any reason are blocking a traffic lane or have been in a minor fender bender, the bright yellow Courtesy Patrol vehicles are at your service and available for no charge to help get you on your way again.

The following information is from the New Mexico Department of Transportation website:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do I call to get assistance from the Courtesy Patrol?
To receive assistance from the Courtesy Patrol, please call
(505) 242-COPS / (505) 242-2677
(505) 798-6600

Emergency: 911

What is the service area?
The Courtesy Patrol currently covers the following areas:
I-25 from NM 500 (Rio Bravo Boulevard) to NM 556 (Tramway Boulevard).
I-40 from 98th Street to NM 556 (Tramway Boulevard).
NM 423 (Paseo Del Norte) – I-25 to NM 45 (Coors Boulevard).

What are the Courtesy Patrol's hours of operation?
The Courtesy Patrol provides roadside assistance Monday through Friday between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm.

What types of service does the Courtesy Patrol provide?

- Change flat tires
- Jump-start vehicles and make minor repairs
- Clear disabled vehicles from travel lanes
- Clear debris from travel lanes
- Supply emergency gasoline, diesel and water
- Provide maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) services during incidents.

How much does this service cost?
This is a FREE service that is provided by the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

What happens when a repair exceeds the services offered?
The Courtesy Patrol will assist in contacting a towing service, at your expense, for further help

If you are wondering why the NMDOT offers these free services there are a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

Reduce traffic jams by quickly clearing stalled cars which are one of the major causes of traffic congestion.

Save fuel and cut air polluting emissions by reducing stop-and-go traffic.

Decrease driver frustration and road rage incidents.

Be sure and check your maintenance schedule before you start out and correct anything that needs servicing - hopefully, you won't need to call for help. If you do require assistance please be courteous to the courtesy truck drivers - but don't offer a gratuity. They're not allowed to accept it. If you do make the offer they'll probably suggest you make a donation to your favorite charity in the name of the Courtesy Patrol. So, enjoy the free service and . . . Keep on Traveling!

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