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Free emergency apps for your smartphone

What do you do if you are either staying at a campground or traveling between stops and there is a dangerous weather front heading your way? How do you find out exactly where you are when they list warnings by county? Where do you go to find shelter? Well, you can rest a little easier nowadays as there is an app for that!

If you are still not comfortable with smartphones and apps you can still receive emergency weather-related notices from a weather or emergency radio. To learn about the various types of weather and emergency radios available you can go to Consumer Search to read more as well as see which models were chosen as the best in the various categories. Some features to look for are long battery life, a hand crank, a built in flashlight and even a cell phone charger.

If you prefer to rely on newer technology like a smartphone there are wonderful apps out there now for both Apple and Android users. The American Red Cross has apps that alert you in the event of tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and floods. These apps are available for free both on Google Play as well as iTunes. There is also an app to find shelters if you find yourself in the middle of a disaster as well as a first-aid app and a first-aid for pets app if you are called to assist with an injury or even save a life. These apps are appropriate and helpful for both RVers and non-RVers as well.

If you are an RVer or travel frequently it is also a good idea to download the Where am I? Android app which utilizes your smartphone GPS to tell you your location including street, cross streets, city, zip code, area code and most importantly county, as most weather-related notices are broadcast by county. The iTunes store carries quite a few navigation apps which are similar, but I could not locate one that specifically gives you the county you are in.

So with the advent of both tornado and hurricane season upon us it is a good idea to check out these apps and others in order to be better prepared before you find yourself in the middle of a weather-related emergency. It could save a life.

P.S. While you are at the Red Cross app site check out the Volunteer app to make a difference and support your community.

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