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Free education on computer basics

Library volunteers keep teaching workers the handy computer skills a habit.
Library volunteers keep teaching workers the handy computer skills a habit.
Adam Benjamin

San Diegans can join a Beginning Computers class the first Friday in the month. At a county library branch. For free.

The unemployed trying to turn a job search around using a computer. Locals with a job looking to land a better employment deal. One that has basic computer skills on the skills list. Class and tutoring opportunities at the public libraries can fix job troubles experienced in the recovery labor market.

Volunteers stay ready to teach the basics at the library spots. Success sometimes takes little steps a San Diegan can teach.

No risks of not meeting admissions standards. Or, coming up with only half the money. Any local can get a fresh start at a library.

Beginning Computers fits in work education plans four Fridays a month. Instruction starts with Computer Basics the first Friday. The nest week, workers learn Internet Basics. Regrets over not being able to find any job inofrmation online, or, ending up on the wrong Internet page, often, do not have to get inthe way of employment opportunities. Using email for job talks outside the neighborhood gets done quick after taking the third week class, Web-based Email. Then, the student is ready to learn the Library Collection. Reading a book can come in handy for job seekers.

Hearing more from volunteers on email is an experience that happens in Computer Help on scheduled days each month. Spanish speakers can get the help intheir language, and learn the Spanish words used to build a resume on a computer.

Those San Diegan workers who like using a tablet, or a smart phone, had the time on Kelly and David's teaching clock last Tuesday to find out how to prove the devices useful. In Tablets. At the Bonita Sunnyside library.

The volunteers make the work on the computer skills many employers ask for in the recovery labor market a good deal. One on one computer instruction comes at the same price. San Diegans just have to schedule.

The line continues next week. . . . .

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