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Free ebooks for android users and other mobile platform users

Can’t wait to get back home to resume reading your favorite novel? Well, you don’t need to wait anymore. The revolution of ebooks and e-magazines has enabled us to read our favorite books anywhere we want. With the emergence of smart gadgets and going by its current popularity, almost everybody now possesses a smart device. It would be needless to throw light on the numerous advantages that smart phones offer. The development of several online reading applications, free ebook for android users and other mobile platform users has increased the reader base to a great extent.

Different readers have different preferences of books. Keeping this in mind, online reading APP developers have piled a wide variety of books and magazines in their collection. Whatever the genre of book you are looking for, just type its title on the search bar of the APP and start downloading – it’s that easy! People might wonder that buying a book physically would enable them to read a page or so from the book. This shape up the reader’s buying decision. Through online reading applications you can do the same. Readers get to read a synopsis of books before downloading that would help them to get a transparent idea of the books to download.

The development of e-book and magazines APP is creating ripples in the market. Apart from the readers, publishers are gaining to a great extent. Publishers are assured by mobile phone APP developers of total protection of copyrights of their books and magazines. No content can be copied or printed. Even a screen shot cannot to be taken for that matter. The increasing popularity of free book for android users and other mobile platform users has opened up the doors for many new publishers. They get better visibility of their books through the online applications. Moreover, young publishers are able to reach out to a broader reader base and earn recognition in the market.

E-Book/Magazine buying and reading applications continually are on an improvement mode. Readers enjoy several features that the apps offer. For instance, some of the features of popular apps are auto bookmarking, day/night reading mode, customized font size & style, PDF zoom among many more. With such intuitive features, online reading is becoming a whole new experience.

While traveling to far off places, reading is a common pastime. However, don’t you feel carrying a big fat book is a burden? Moreover, carrying an extra book is completely out of option. Thus, the availability of a wide range of e-books and magazines enables us to avoid carrying heavy books. Just download the free apps on your smart phone and you are off to explore a wide array of books and magazines.

The developers of e-reading applications ensure there’s something for everybody in their collection. Readers can access variety of options when it comes to several genres such as romance, knowledge, fiction, non-fiction, health, kids, travel, cooking, academic including content in regional and foreign languages. So whatever your choice of books might be, you can always find appropriate books in the popular e-book stores.

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