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Download Consumer Advantage! A great and useful local consumer resource!

Empower yourself with knowledge from local business owners, save with coupons savings found inside this free eBook today
The Service Guide

Take a minute to download a free copy of Consumer Advantage and indulge in an unexpected dose of great information, insight and savings! Get a collection of answers to a variety of home and business related questions, some you may be wondering about yourself. Because often it is what you know that gives you an advantage, downloading this helpful eBook today may provide you with several "advantage moments" throughout the year. Download your free eBook and use the knowledge and savings you'll receive to your Advantage when making decisions that affect your home, business, family and wallet!

Inside you´ll find:

1. Answers from local business owners to questions they get asked most often...answers that could come in handy for you, as well

2. A closer look at the people behind these local businesses

3. Answers to top home improvement related searches that could also be useful to you

4. Special savings on a variety of local services, some you may end up needing, you never know!

Enjoy the combination of educational information and savings compiled in this eBook and use it all to your Advantage. Consumer Advantage is aimed at giving you a leg up when it comes to making smarter decisions for your home, business, and your wallet! Download your free copy today!

Consumer Advantage is an eBook publication of The Service Guide

P.S. Local businesses, Consumer Advantage will be published several more times during the year. I would recommend checking it out and strongly considering the Advantages of offering your expertise for upcoming editions. Download a copy today.

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