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FREE DNA Love Activation available thru Jo Dunning and her website until 3/13/14

Yesterday evening, I was alerted that Jo Dunning's replay for her recent Special DNA Love Activation will be available to listen to - for FREE - during the next eight days, until March 13. This special DNA Love Vibration Activation that Jo offered as a gift on 3/3/14, is now available on her website homepage. The entire recording is about 30 minutes in length.

This event offered an Activation of an aspect of our DNA that regulates the experience of Love. This Activation expands our capacity to feel very loved and to experience unconditional love in return.

Jo has already received many comments about this deeply transformative experience and the many ways it has rapidly influenced lives. Below are just a few comments Jo's office has received.

Recent Comments

I just want to express my deep gratitude for this profound activation of the Love Vibration . What a gift on a personal and global level. The implications are boundless! I so appreciate this beautiful Expansive offering. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !

Thank you Jo. I am so filled with joy, that I filled with tears. Thanks again.

Thank u sooooooo much for this gift.. It arrived..of the most perfect moment in my quest.

Thank you for the magnificent opportunity and gift you gave us last night. I emailed my daughter that it was the very best Activation and Initiation so far. She replied I say that about all your Energy Processes and she's right.

Although I was led to many teachers before being called to your work, I've never experienced anything even remotely as profound as the wonderful opportunities you develop and share for our Awakening. Last night I felt elation and a connection that was brand new for me - thank you!

The DNA activation was so gentle and yet soooo resonatingly powerful and profound last nite. Thank you so much for your exquisite ways of sharing and elevating!

Thank you so much again...a number of challenges today and so quite amazing to feel the very definite differences following last nights amazing workshop. So Many Blessings to you!

I was on the call last night and fell asleep , so when I woke up I thought it was matter what happened, I felt it..and I am not sensitive..and Today has been filled with happiness and LOVE!

Thank you, Jo, for this great gift, that came at a particularly poignant time for very needed and appreciated. I really felt the energy very intensely, and feel different happy to be able to say that.

Thank you Jo! Floating in a sea of love! So grateful for your work! Much love to you! The process was beautiful and filled with love and peace!

Thank you for this wonderful gift - I felt it very powerfully in my cells and DNA

Thank you Jo! This a wonderful process! All of my cells felt so very happy! Much much Love!

Thank you, Jo, for your deep generosity! To our Health, Wealth, and Deep Capacity to Love, Dancing heart~~~~

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