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Free Diamonds on Christmas? Let it snow !


A local jewelry store wants to make your season bright.

Lasker Jewelers, in Eau Claire Wisconsin, is offering free jewelry this Christmas- with one catch. It has to snow four inches or more on New Years Eve day. If that happens, any jewelry bought between last Friday and December 24th will be free. Lasker says this has been a tough year, and the hope is to make a lot of peoples day.

"We had so much snow last December, and four inches is not all that much snow in a twelve hour period, so we'd love it if every purchase we made we could refund," says Charles Lasker, owner of Lasker Jewelers.

He says if it does snow, Laskers will reimburse the full price of any jewelry purchase made during the eligible time period, with the exception of sales tax. They are hoping to repeat the giveaway next year, if it's successful.