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Free Denver parenting workshop: Attachment Parenting - Toddler Time!


Whatever else they might be, toddlers are intense! They can go from squealing with glee one minute to a wicked tantrum the next. Many parents are left bewildered when their precious baby begins asserting his unique will and personality in such a strong (and loud!) way. But from the right perspective, these moments with toddlers can be incredibly fascinating and even lots of fun.

"I want to pick the flowers!" 

Toddlers are sure to inform you when they are unappy with the rules.
photo by Suzie Tiller

Join Jessica McMaken, owner of Razzbelly Early Childhood Consulting Services, for a fun and informative workshop on the toddler years.

What: Attachment Parenting - Toddler Time!
When: March 18 at 11:00 (La Leche League meeting begins at 10:00 am)
Where: First Universalist Church of Denver, 4101 E Hampden Ave (northeast corner of Colorado and Hampden)

Come and discover:

  • the inner emotional conflict motivating a toddler’s most perplexing behavior;
  • how to listen to your toddler’s non-verbal language and improve communication even before he can talk;
  • how to use the attachment parenting skills you learned in infancy to continue your close relationship with your child through toddlerhood;
  • how to enjoy this intense time as your precious baby transforms into a really cool kid.

This workshop will give you the tools you need to better understand, appreciate and communicate with your toddler so that you can spend more time squealing with delight and less time in frustrating power struggles.

The workshop will be held after the Southeast Denver Le Leche League's March series meeting. Children are welcome to attend!

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