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Free dental health screenings for service dogs

Dental screenings for service dogs
Dental screenings for service dogs

The American Veterinary Dental College is offering free oral health exams for service dogs in August. Dental health is very important to a dog's overall well being. If neglected, dental problems can often lead to other issues including inability or unwillingness to eat, infections or problems with internal organs including the heart. The AVDC goals are to promote oral health awareness, identify oral health problems, benefit those that rely on service dogs and enhance referral relationships with primary care veterinarians.

In order to be considered for a free screening, your dog must be a seeing eye dog, hearing dog, handicapped assistance dog, detection dog, search and rescue dog or a certified therapy dog. Dogs must be active working dogs that are certified by an organization or currently enrolled in a formal training program. If your dog qualifies, click here to fill out the registration form. After registering, you will be sent a list of participating veterinarians to contact to set up your appointment. This is a nationwide program but not all areas have participating vets. The vet will conduct the screening test and send a copy of their findings back to your primary care vet. You can then follow up with your dog's regular vet for further care.

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