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Free day at the Denver Zoo

Sunday February 7th 2010 is free day at the Denver Zoo, gates open at 10:00 am. There is enough animals to last you all day, so pack a lunch. Make sure you get a map when you first get there, to help you decide what to see next. Also bring $2 each to ride, the first natural gas powered zoo train in the US, the kids will love it.

Special exhibits

  • Bear Mountain
  • Predator Ridge
  • Tropical Discovery
  • Primate Panorama
  • Pachyderm habitat
  • Bird World

Shows and times

  • Sea lion show 10:30am
  • Pachyderm demonstration 11:30am
  • Predator Ridge demonstration 2:00pm
  • Bird bug toss 2:00pm
  • Sea lion show 2:30pm


  • Front entrance sculptures
  • “Arctic Sojourn”
  • “Klondike & Snow”
  • “Frog”
  • “Sophie”
  • “Abundant Joy”
  • “Golden Eagle”
  • “Gorilla”
  • “Cares For Her Brother”
  • “The Sentinel”

Also check out the Denver Zoo's web site,, then click on the “Animals & Plants” tab. Then pick Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians, Fish, Birds, Invertebrates, or Plants. Then chose from the drop down list to find all kinds of information. Read a few to the kids then have a quiz to see who remembers the best.

To get to the Denver Zoo take I-70 th Colorado Blvd. Go south 2 miles to 23rd Ave. Then go west, it is on the south side of 23rd.