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Free Country launches Everyday Hero national campaign

Free Country launches national campaign titled the, Everyday Hero!
Free Country launches national campaign titled the, Everyday Hero!
photo courtesy of Free Country, used with permission

Free Country, a leading brand headquartered in New York City, offers a wide range of fashionable yet functional everyday outerwear, constructed from high-performance fabrics. Founded in 1990 by CEO Ira Schwartz, after breaking away from his family’s fur business (the FurVault, Inc. and he is also Andrew Marc’s brother), Free Country has found success by focusing on a combination of quality, valued apparel which is attractive to today’s consumer.

As a company that embodies their customers’ everyday lifestyle, Free Country is launching a national campaign titled the, Everyday Hero, where they want to find out Who is Your Everyday Hero? Each month, Free Country will select a monthly winner, deciding which Everyday Hero story is the most compelling. Monthly Everyday Hero winners and the respective submitter will receive a prize, leading up to the grand prize. Free Country will select a grand prize winner to receive a cash prize as well as a donation to the charity of their choice.

Many people have their own special opinion of what is a hero. Free Country regard the people give back to their communities. Free Country like to think of themselves as one big family celebrating the exemplary behavior of its Everyday Heroes. For example, acts that display motivation, perseverance and passion deserve recognition, and these are the stories Free Country strives to find and share. So, whether you’re organizing a fundraiser for a good cause, or shooting the final shot that takes your team to the championship, that's considered an Everyday Heroes. For more information about Free Country's national campaign, visit here.