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Free cooking technique classes from Williams-Sonoma

Cooking technique classes are offered for free at your local Williams-Sonoma store
Cooking technique classes are offered for free at your local Williams-Sonoma store
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Williams-Sonoma has released their calendar of free cooking technique classes for March 2010. For the next four Sundays, sharpen your skills related to baking, all for free!

Simply Souffle
Sunday, March 7

Learn the secrets to making souffles at home. We'll teach you how to prepare a delicious savory souffle as well as a fabulous dessert souffle. They're simpler to make than you might imagine. These masterpieces are guaranteed to impress your family and friends.

Baking Series: Cookies
Sunday, March 14

In the first class of our three-part baking series, you'll learn
everything you need to know about making cookies. We'll show you the right way to make cookie dough and how to create different types of cookies, including drop, rolled, bar and icebox cookies. Using our favorite recipes, you'll be whipping up home-baked treats with ease.

Baking Series:
Cakes & Cupcakes
Sunday, March 21

In the second class of our three-part baking series, you'll learn how easy it is to make tempting cakes and cupcakes at home. We'll show you the basics, from preparing pans and making classic cake
batters to testing for doneness and creating decadent frostings.

Baking Series: Pies & Tarts
Sunday, March 28

The final class in our baking series will cover the essentials of making pies and tarts, both sweet and savory. You'll learn to prepare a quiche Lorraine as well as a sweet tart that's perfect for springtime gatherings. We'll also demonstrate how to make pie and tart crusts, including a classic pie dough, a shortbread crust and a crumb crust.

View their full calendar of events and locate the Williams-Sonoma closest to you.

There are two locations from which to choose in Memphis:

4720 Spottswood, Memphis 38117


7615 W Farmington Blvd (in Saddle Creek)

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