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Free concerts? Here's how

I decided to let you in on a little secret of mine. How would you like to go to concerts and music festivals for nothing? Well, practically free anyway. The secret is When events have not sold out, some promotors provide fillaseat with tickets for use by their members. It looks much better to both performers and the audience to have a full venue rather than a sparsely filled house. This not only applies to musical events, but also comedy shows and sporting events. Once you pay the yearly membership dues, you can see as many of the offered shows as you like throughout the year. You can see how this concept works if you watch the video attached to this article. The cost is $89.95 per year for a duet membership (two tickets to each show for one year), or $159.95 for a quartet membership (four tickets per show for the year). After that, there is no cost at all to you for attending. Occasionally some shows do have requirements, for example, two drink minimum purchase per ticket. Even if you only attend three or four events per year, you will have made a good entertainment investment with this purchase. Imagine the savings if you went to one event each week for one year . . . . . .

Free tickets for you
Free tickets for you
Jill Jackson

Fillaseat is now operating in 27 cities in 16 states, and is still growing. This company has become "America's seat filler". I have been to concerts of some very popular artists through this program. There is a wide variety of events, so there should be something for everyone.

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