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Free community night at the Children's Museum

The entrance to the Austin Children's Museum.
The entrance to the Austin Children's Museum.

The Austin Children’s Museum, located at 201 Colorado Street in downtown Austin, offers Community Night every Wednesday. The museum stays open until 8 PM, later than their normal hours. Each Wednesday the staff prepares activities with a theme each night. The structured activities begin at 6 PM with story time.

The Austin Children's Museum design center.
Alex Campbell

Admission, based on donations only, admits children and parents to the museum for story time, an arts activity and admission to all of the exhibits. The exhibits include a grocery shopping area, a construction zone, a life-size chess board, a model bus, a toddler area, and a crafts and design area.

The design area offers children several ways to explore different simple machines and build their own. The design center includes many different materials that kids can manipulate to create different objects. Materials include egg cartons, different types of paper, glue, scissors, string, marbles and many other materials that allow a young design artist to bring ideas to life. The design station also includes a booth which allows the artist a change to create a movie documenting their inventions.

The museum’s exhibits change often reflecting the interests of the staff and the requests of the visitors. The community nights are for the children and parents of Austin to enjoy the museum for extended hours at a reduced price according to Matt Brown, an exhibition manager at the Children’s Museum.

The museum also offers Spring Break and summer camp options for children of all ages. For more information please visit the Austin Children’s Museum website.


  • Rick J 5 years ago

    My son and I love the children's museum, but the community night can be quite crowded. Since the admission price is low, it's better to go in the morning or after lunch.

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