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Free Comic Book Day 2010 Dayton highlights

My Free Comic Book Day logo (though it works for anything 'free')Alas, Free Comic Book Day is over.

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The big 'event' of the year for comic book fans, Free Comic Book Day is a great time to hit your friendly, neighborhood comic book stores, in order to see the community at its greatest.

Despite all the rain.

This Examiner visited several stores with his significant other on Saturday, and we couldn't help but marvel at the sheer volume of people that were out in force this year. We ran a bit south, as far as the greater Dayton area is concerned, but the stores we visited were full of friendly people - and that's before you even consider the staff on hand!

One of our great scores was the free Tick comic book, which I had missed the first time around; in my reading, I hadn't even seen mention of it at all. It is 'just' a reprint of the very first Tick comic, but a whole lot of people that were out on Saturday probably hadn't actually read that before, so that's quite all right. After all, the book is a hoot - first issue or latest issue!

At any rate, your friendly neighborhood comic book Examiner went armed with his camera (and his Blackberry), in order to capture images of this beautiful event for you, the discerning reader. They're in the slide show below - enjoy!