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Free clothing for Bowling Green residents

You can help clothe homeless and others in need.
You can help clothe homeless and others in need.
Photo by Christopher Martin/Photoexpress

Although spring seems slow in coming, spring cleaning is already in full force for many Bowling Green residents. As always, the question of what to do with clothes that you no longer wear or that your children have outgrown comes up. Will this finally be the year that you have a yard sale, or will you end up storing them in the attic for another year? Thanks to a local group of young adults, you can donate your clothing and other household items to be given away to those in need.

In 2007 Katie Dillinger and her friends became aware of a need for clothing for the poorest families in Bowling Green. Despite the abundance of consignment sales and end of season clearance events, there are families who can’t afford the most basic items for themselves or their children. So they began collecting clothes and other household goods from their friends and church family and organized the first Bowling Green Free Clothes Giveaway.

This year’s giveaway will be held on Saturday, March 13 from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 or whenever the clothes are gone. The event is held in front of Dishman-McGinnis Elementary School (503 Old Morgantown Road). You can help by donating any clothes or household items that are in good shape. Organizers have indicated a need for adult clothing, especially for plus-size women’s clothes and any clothing for men. Canned goods are also welcomed. Volunteers are still needed on Saturday morning to set up and help during the event. Please contact Katie Dillinger at or by phone at (352) 406-2923 if you have items to contribute or if you can volunteer.