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Free cleaning for those living with cancer


Can you imagine what it's like to be diagnosed with cancer and expected to keep leading the life you had been living before? The children still need to get to school and their laundry needs to get done. On top of that, if you have a job outside of your home, then you still have to go in each day and perform like you had been before. And in this economy, most people are being worked even harder and are taking home less than they had prior.

Cancer doesn’t care about any of that. It strikes at the time you least expect it and it affects our mothers, fathers, best-friends and colleagues too. To help alleviate a small part of the reality that many cancer patients face, Cleaning For A Reason Foundation decided to do something especially for them. To help serve those living with this difficult disease so that their lives can be a little easier.

This smart foundation realized that depending on the cancer treatment patients receive, that most have no energy and hardly feel like tending to the various errands and chores they were able to perform before. So this non-profit out of Lewisville, TX decided to alleviate at least one burden most people need to keep on top of. They partnered with maid services in almost every state across the United States and made it possible to offer free cleaning services to those stricken with cancer.

Those interested in applying for cleaning services can navigate to the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation website and fill out an application. The foundation's office reviews each application, and then contacts applicants to set up a visit from one of the numerous maid services participating in their program. And everyday, more and more cleaning services are partnering with this foundation to help those in need of service.

A compassionate cause offering an innovative way to help people with this type of debilitating disease. Granting them more time and space, so that they have one less thing to worry about and can focus on healing. And as expected, the outreach is overwhelming. With only a few people working to coordinate cleaning services, and receiving thousands of inquiries at a time, this organization is getting the job done. And throughout cities across the nation. Though they often have to post dates to their website when they might be able to review more applications. Since there are only so many their staff can handle at a time.

To help sustain the costs incurred by offering this type of service to those in need, Cleaning For A Reason Foundation raises money through their vast partnerships and by raising money through donations. Forward-thinking corporations like Allstate and Oreck have partnered with this foundation and donate money and in-kind goods to help the charity reach its goals. Many other organizations have partnered with the foundation and others can learn about the process by clicking here. Individual donations are also welcome and can be made directly on their website as well.

Those interested in keeping abreast of the progress that this organization is making can sign up to receive their newsletters, where they can learn about the foundation’s outreach and gain insight into future fundraising initiatives. Volunteers are always welcome, so if interested, you can learn about those opportunities here.

If you or your company are considering charities to donate money and other goods to at the end of the year, then Cleaning For A Reason Foundation is one that stands out this season. By giving your time, your money or goods to this organization, you are indirectly helping those challenged with a chronic disease like cancer, make their lives a little less worrisome. And by being aware of this disease along with a foundation that can directly help, well, is a big step. A step you can take toward assisting the larger community we live in. Because the more opportunities made available for this to happen, the more people will be healed, which positively affects the world we live in.  

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  • Phyllis 5 years ago

    very good article - I'm sure this will help someone out there.