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Free class on clear thinking, this Tue. March 25th

Brandi Parisi teaches how to think clearly
B. Parisi

This Tue. March 25th there is a free class on critical thinking. Click here for all details: . This session is taught by Portland Community College philosophy instructor Brandi Parisi. Brandi has degrees in communications and philosophy from Ohio University and Purdue University.

This is all about building better arguments. It's a skill that can always be sharpened, even for the most seasoned critical thinker. Recognizing and learning how to avoid some of the more common errors in reasoning is an important tool toward this goal, and in Tuesday night's meetup: How to sell snake oil (part 2 of 4): Critical Thinking, the Basics, Brandi Parisi will help lead a discussion about informal logical fallacies. From naturalistic fallacy to genetic fallacy to fallacy of ignorance, we'll explore how to spot these errors in reasoning when committed by others, and hopefully become better at avoiding the pitfalls in our own argument building.

If there's time, here's a bonus discussion: a look at why humans are so lousy at understanding applied statistical probability (leading to more fallacious reasoning) and why we may be better evolved to win arguments rather than seek truth.

This event is sponsored by a local group called “The Center for Philosophical Naturalism.” The aim of the group is to help people to understand how a naturalistic worldview makes better sense of the world than does a supernatural worldview. They also provide a community (social events, teaching events, etc.) for people who are leaving religion and are looking for a naturalistic support system. The group can be found on Facebook here: . Their meeting events can be found here: .

Other Portland-area community, secular, and philosophical groups can also be found at, such as these:
-- Westside Science & Religion Disc.:
-- Sunday Assembly:
-- Center for Inquiry:
-- Humanists of Greater Portland:
-- Atheists Etcetera:
-- Philosophy Workshop:
-- The Center for Philosophical Naturalism:

“Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”
~Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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