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Free Champions Online weekend March 26th - 29th

Revelation Free Trial Weekend
Revelation Free Trial Weekend
Cryptic Studios: Champions Online

The weather in Boise today and for part of the weekend is the same: wet, dismal and dreary.  Perfect weather for exploring new online worlds and MMORPGs that you have yet to sample.  Cryptic Studios, the creators of NCSoft's hit "City of Heroes," must have seen this coming.  They're allowing new players to try out their latest game, "Champions Online," for free until 11am local time Monday Morning.

Champions Online is based on the pen and paper RPG that allows players to create superheroes of all stripes and focuses on their powers and abilities.  This setting brings the pages of comic books to life both on the tabletop and now on the desktop (PC).

With Boise's Saturday market still a few weeks from opening, this is a great time to sit down and try the new game.  The free weekend download is here and the full version of Champions Online is available for purchase at all local Hastings and video game stores.