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Free cash? Millionaire offers Twitter treasure hunt with envelopes full of money

Millionaire offers up envelopes of cash to residents of San Francisco
Millionaire offers up envelopes of cash to residents of San Francisco
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Twitter is hidden with cash and any user can read the messages to find the money. Someone in San Francisco is using the service to offer up hundreds of dollars to people who love clues and need cash. While the idea sounds crazy, the residents of San Francisco are showing off the envelopes of money they have found after following the clues. According to Newser on Tuesday, the Twitter treasure hunt has been instigated by a millionaire who wants to share his wealth.

Apparently there is about $1,000 a day that is being dropped off at random locations around the area. Once the envelope is in place, the giver lists hints on the social media site and the hunt begins. The premise of searching for bucks using social media as to be one of the most trend pop culture things to do these days. And it is a great use for Twitter too.

Exactly what does it look like finding random cash in the streets of San Francisco? Well, the envelope is a standard, white envelope that looks like it missed the post office. On the front are the instructions to take a picture and upload it to the Twitter so it can be shared with others. The account retweets the pictures with people smile with their wad of money as they have just hit the jackpot.

While some people wonder if this idea of hidden cash might cause issues if there are several people searching for the same envelope, but so far it’s been the exact opposite. One finder even broke open the envelope and shared it with the other individuals searching for the same cash. This pay it forward gesture definitely offers a perspective of goodwill that the original giver has shared.

So far only people in the San Francisco area have picked up envelopes of cash, but the private do-gooder is expected to share the wealth in other parts of the state too.

Looking to find the clues for free cash? Check the HiddenCash Twitter handle as the millionaire offers up more clues for a new location.

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