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Free Camping in the Upper Rush Creek Area

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Enjoy some typically free camping in the Upper Rush Creek camping area. The camping area is in Adin California just off of the Rush Creek Road. The camping area is on public land that is managed by the United States of America Forest Service. The camping ground is at the end of a gravel road. Once you drive off the paved road you will continue on a gravel road for about 3 miles. Please be aware that at times the gravel road may not be conducive for all cars to drive on. you may need a four wheel drive vehicle when you come here depending on the time of the year that you come here. The camping area is also closed at some times of the year. You may want to contact the Forest Service prior to going there to ensure that the camping area and the road to the camping area is open. It is not at all uncommon for it to be closed due to the weather. There area about 15 camping areas in the Upper Rush Creek camping area in Adin California. There are some areas where you can park an RV length. Typically the maximum RV length for the camping area is 25 feet. You may want to call ahead though since depending on the condition of the road an RV that is 25 feet may be a bit tough to drive into the camping area. Typically you can stay 14 days in the Upper Rush Creek area. Some of the amenities are fire rings, picnic tables, water faucets, restrooms, and hiking trails. There are many opportunities when hiking or even when at the camping ground for you to see some beautiful and amazing wildlife. The camping ground is extremely quiet. The camping ground is beautiful and located just next to a creek. There are tall trees around the camping area that typically provide nice shade for those who are camping here. The temperature during the summer is typically around 80 degrees during the day. Typically at night during the summer the temperature is about 40-50 degrees. The camping area is split into two areas. The upper campground is typically cool and more shaded. It is about 2 miles from the lower campsite. The drawback of the upper camp is that typically the roads are a bit worse so you may not want to go there is you have a low car, large car, or car without four wheel drive. The camping ground is just off of the 139. There are not many stores or gas options within 10 miles of the camping area so please plan ahead and bring sufficient gas and food.

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