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Free Camping at Amboy Crater

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You do not always have to pay when you go camping. There are many options for you to go camping and save money but not paying a dime for camping. Please check ahead to make sure that the policy at Amboy Crater has not changed. There are times when places that were historically free to go camping out suddenly begin charging for camping. The information below is based on best available knowledge at time of posting. One free camping area is Amboy Crater. Amboy Crater is located in Amboy California. This camping area is on public land. This camping area is operated by the Bureau of Land Management. The Amboy Crater camping area historically allowed people to stay up to 14 nights for free. Historically the Amboy Crater camping area also did not restrict the RV length for camping. Some of the amenities at the camping ground include picnic tables and restrooms. You can get some great exercise while camping by taking advantage of the miles of hiking trails in and around the camping area. Additionally you can get more exercise by walking around and enjoying some beautiful wildlife viewing in the area.

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The camping area is about two miles west of the town of Amboy in California. There is a huge gravel area for you to park in while you are camping. You can also make a day hike of it for free to, but why exercise for a day when you could exercise for a week or more. The hiking trail begins at the end of the graveled parking area. Please realized that you will have to pack in anything you want for camping so that may affect when you choose to go camping. There are a couple of vault toilets however I would not recommend these as they may not be too well maintained at all times. There are some picnic tables with shade. however you will want to bring a hat because the vast majority of the area has no shade. If you go from camping to getting some major exercise in by hiking to the crater of the volcano you will head to the right side. The right side route to reach the crater is much easier that the left side. On the right side the cone walls have collapsed which allow you better hand and foot holds. There are several other hiking areas in the park. The one drawback of camping in this area is that there is a train nearby. It can come by every half hour at times and it may blow the horn every time it passes which can be irritating at night when you are trying to sleep.