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Free budget forms at

photo/Trina R. Darling was formed in 2001, and is “dedicated to helping families live a better life…not by spending more money, but less!”.
ALWAYS looking for freebies, I was pleased to find free printables…a basic budgeting worksheet, a dealing with debt worksheet, a monthly spending worksheet, an annual budget work sheet, a Holiday gift worksheet, a Holiday Spending worksheet, and a frugal recipe index and menu planner.
There is also a free eBook, “Dealing With Debt”, by Michelle Jones.
I looked all over online for a budget class in the Albany area, and found absolutely nothing. However, you can find online budget classes. After doing a search for online budget classes, I ended up, of all places, back at! The founder of this website, Michelle Jones, offers a five week budgeting class for a reasonable $25.
While I was looking for a FREE budget class, I would be the first one to say that by paying $25 for the class, I am MUCH more likely (and maybe you will be as well!) to be diligent in following through and finishing the class, and if taking this class helped me save just $100 per year, it would still be worth it!