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Free Booze, Indie Film Not a Bad Valentine's Day at the Palace

This Valentine's Day at The Palace will feature live music, free booze, and a film screening
This Valentine's Day at The Palace will feature live music, free booze, and a film screening
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Palace is reclaiming its legacy as a landmark in downtown Danbury, as it opens year-round for music, comedy, and film events alike. This Valentine’s Day, The Palace opens for the second time this year to invite locals to an evening entertainment extravaganza: live music, an independent film screening, and complementary wine and chocolate, to boot. For Danburians who will spend V-Day in Hat City (or, worse, alone on the couch) this event serves as incentive to celebrate, or to at least indulge in libation cost-free.

At 8 pm, The Palace will screen “Girl on a Bicycle,” an independent film that will be released nationally on the same day. The film tells the story of Paolo (Vincenzo Amato), an Italian who drives a Paris tour bus, has just proposed to his true love, the German stewardess, Greta (Nora Tschirner), when the young French beauty, Cécile (Louise Monot) pulls up beside his bus on her bicycle - and, in short order, Paolo, following some very bad advice from his friend, Derek (Paddy Considine), finds himself with a German fiancée, a French "wife", two Australian children who call him "Papa", and his life upside-down. (The trailer is available at If the movie’s Italian, French, German and Austrian aren’t sexy enough (the film is practically a mini-trip to Europe!), then the thrill of seeing a film on its U.S. release date ought to be. Go to The Palace and be an art snob, be a wine-o, but leave out no fine pleasure: The Palace will welcome a live band into its lobby for the evening. It's a secret for now about who the performers will be; Danburians will just have to attend to find out.

The Palace will screen “Girl On A Bicycle” with complementary wine and chocolate, as well as live music, on February 14 at 8 pm. All tickets are $15. The Palace is located on 165 Main St. in Danbury. Learn more about this and more upcoming events at