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Thomas Amshay, Antiaging Skunkworks dot com
Sophea Amshay

I rarely know the people I write about. They do not pay me to write about them. If I use, or tell you to try a product, I paid for it myself and get nothing if you make a purchase.

I choose what I write about based on how worthwhile I think it will be to a person that.

  • Has been around so it is pretty hard to impress them
  • Thinks it is absurd to buy an anti-aging product based on it being used by a twenty-something.
  • Knows we do not go from fatty to ripped athlete without investing time and effort in themselves.
  • Knows there are no magic supplements.
  • Believes most LEGAL fitness and muscle-building substances don't work.
  • Is constantly reading and watching for something that might help them look and feel better.
  • Is like me in thinking that women's fitness techniques are as valid and usable for men.

Actually, I prefer women's websites and magazines and things. They are more like intended for sane people.

If it's free, how good can it be?

It can be very good, or very bad.

A lot on the InterWeb is free. I spend a lot of money online, but due diligence is essential.

I will not buy from a site:

  • If I find anything the least bit misleading.
  • If it says something is free, but they need my credit card to charge you a shipping fee. Read the small print.

I will buy from a site if:

  • The item is unique and that I believe it actually might work.
  • I get so much good stuff for free on the site, I feel an obligation to buy something to keep the thing in business.

The reality is

  • Not all the fitness stuff online is of equal value.
  • Some of the sites and videos are awful. If you can't hear or see them, how much can a person get from them?

I avoid sites that

  • Allow functional illiterates to post comments. Nothing makes me want to NOT be associated with a site more than realizing the visitors are incapable of stringing two thoughts together.
  • Ditto for those whose vocabularies require four letter words.

Everything evolves

Fitness and training have become more and more thought-based as the art and science of fitness evolves.

It is a different kind of science that exists in bodybuilding gyms. God bless them, but it's not what I am into.

For several years I have been saying the key to looking and feeling fantastic is sane nutrition and exercise. And no amount of exercise of any kind will undo a terrible diet.

If you want to have a nice body, try exercise that integrates callisthenics, gymnastics, pull-ups, push-ups, and free weights. Sets are done at high-intensity for a reasonable period of time (30 to 60 seconds) with a short recovery between sets.

The above sounds easy, but it is not.

And as simple as it sounds, putting together your routine takes thought.

I am going to begin a series of articles about websites and training plans that anybody -- newbie or veteran gym rat -- can learn from and see changes.

And it will all be free.

Cinta anda

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Statements made by Thomas Amshay and found here and worldwide have not been endorsed by FDA. Consult with your health care team before beginning any supplement or exercise program.

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