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Free booklet shares 'essential secret, magical ingredients' of miniature gardens

One example of a miniature fairy garden, replete with small stepping stones and a gated fence and bench seat.
One example of a miniature fairy garden, replete with small stepping stones and a gated fence and bench seat.
Courtesy of Mary Palmer Dargan of Dovecote Garden Porch

During the Dovecote "Magic of Miniature Gardens" Workshop held in Cashiers, N.C. on Thursday, speaker and proprietor Mary Palmer Dargan shared the "Eight Essential Secret and Magical Ingredients" needed to make your fantasy garden come to life. On June 20 the licensed landscape architect shared those secrets with the Atlanta Landscape and Design Examiner, who was also provided a link to a free booklet, so the Examiner can share it with gardening readers.

Dovecote Garden Porch in North Carolina provides a free pdf booklet on how to create your own miniature garden.
Courtesy of Mary Palmer Dargan

The PDF booklet contains photos, and more details than we can share in this article, so you will want to download the free "Magic of Miniature Gardens" booklet gift here.

As one might expect, the magical ingredients are very similar to the essential design principles required to create a dreamy home landscape, which can be found in the landscape professionals hard cover book Timeless Landscape Design: The Four Part Master Plan.

For example, there must be a focal point in the small miniature garden, just like you need to decide upon a focal point in your own home landscape. And that typically means a house to the average adult, so a miniature garden needs a structure focal point too, like a tiny arbor, conservatory or house structure.

Fortunately you don't have to build your own miniature structures from scratch when you are designing and creating your tiny fantasy garden. In fact, finding miniature garden furnishings are as easy as visiting the Dovecote Garden Porch website. And they are so much cheaper than buying the adult-sized versions for a real home landscape, so you can experiment more.

Additional secret and magical ingredients required to create your miniature fairy garden include making a pathway destination from garden entrance to focal point, making a place to sit in the garden, creating a backdrop for the vignette, and adding a fence with a gate, along with incorporating animation into the tiny-sized garden, as well as at least two more things. But check out the free booklet on creating your own miniature garden to get all the details and see example photos.

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