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Free book marketing guide for authors: Generate instant buzz for your hard work!

Hosting a Virtual Book Release Party: Keys to (Perceived) Success
Shana Festa


Hosting a Virtual Book Release Party: Keys to (Perceived) Success by Shana Festa

Perception is everything! It’s never too late to promote your book. Whether you’re celebrating a new release or just want to create a buzz, throwing a virtual launch party on Facebook is a valuable tool for doing just that!

Not throwing a launch party? No problem. This guide will still be a valuable resource for generating a buzz for your previously released titles.

Reviews are vital to authors. Pick up ‘Hosting a Virtual Book Release Party: Keys to (Perceived) Success’ to find out a great tip for getting more, honest and unbiased, reviews immediately after release date.

Here's what you'll find inside:

What Constitutes an Effective Launch Party?
Steps to an Effective Launch Party
DIY or Hire a Coordinator?
Selecting the Perfect Date
Creating a Facebook Event
Contests & Games
Party Swag, Everyone Loves ‘Stuff’
Enlist Helpers
Is Your Book Part of a Series? Capitalize on previous books!
Getting the word out
The Build-Up
That Evil Mailing List
The Press Release
Local Publications & Contacts
Media Kits
Guest Posts & Interviews
Reviewers Waiting in the Wings
The Facebook Share, Exponential Growth
Social Media is Your Friend
Goodreads Events & Contests
The Big Day!
The Pre-Party Reminder
Scheduling: Winging it is Not an Option
A Little Thank You Goes a Long Way
Lessons Learned

Hosting a Virtual Book Release Party: Keys to (Perceived) Success will be available on Amazon for FREE July 29th & 30th only. Grab your copy!

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