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Free book and t-shirt offer to celebrate Friday the 13th and full moon

Dracula Book free to new Dracula Tour travelers
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Not only is it FRIDAY THE 13th, but it's also a FULL MOON - the last time there will be a full moon on a Friday the 13th until the year 2049. So the people who organize the "tours of terror" had to do something special. And something scary.

To celebrate FRIDAY THE 13th they are offering to NEW travelers something special and scary for the next week: a SPECIAL edition free souvenir tour t-shirt plus the SCARY 410-page book "IN THE SHADOW OF DRACULA: CLASSIC VAMPIRE FICTION, as gifts to anyone who books a Vampire Vacation or GHOSTour between Friday the 13th and Friday the 20th (2014). Book both and they'll come up with even more scarier and special treats.

The one-week tours of terror are open to all ages, and welcomes couples, families and solo travelers. Note that there are currently solo travelers seeking for room-shares.

For further details on the DRACULA TOUR email Website:
DracTour Facebook Event page:
For further details on the GHOSTour to PRAGUE email Website: www.GHOSTourscom.
GHOSTour Facebook Event page:
Info: (203) 795-4737


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