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Free Bobby, a dog sentenced to live in a box in Bridgeport, CT

Bobby kept confined to a box by his owner
Bobby kept confined to a box by his owner
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Why would anyone have a dog if only to confine it to a box in their backyard?

Media sources have been circulating a recent story on a Spaniel dog referred to as "Bobby" in Bridgeport, Connecticut confined to a small box outdoors on his owner's property. It can best be described as a dismal confinement. An online video was released showing Bobby pacing back and forth while visitors pet him through a tiny chain link opening.

The bizarre thing about this whole story is the county animal control inspected Bobby's living conditions several times and found them to be acceptable and his owner not breaking any laws. This appears to many following Bobby's story as strange and unacceptable treatment of a dog.

Granted Bobby is said to have access to food, water, hay, and heat but neighbors are still concerned about his physical and mental wellbeing and rightfully so.

One neighbor claimed that the dog desperately tries to escape and isn’t even allowed to relieve himself in the grass. Another neighbor claimed that the owner would not even allow her to walk the dog.

Dogs like humans will become distressed when confined to a small box with only a tiny chain link window to look out of. They often go insane kept in such solitary confinement. One would have to wonder what would be the motivating factors that would convince the dog's owner that this okay? What would make the local animal control that is supposed to be there to protect animals from abuse think a tiny torture chamber is a humane environment for a dog?

Regardless of the law, the public outcry has proven that this is clearly a case of inhumane treatment, and perhaps severe neglect. Bobby is not a criminal, but a friendly and energetic dog who is kept confined to a box outdoors for the majority of his life.

Below is a petition letter that has been sent to authorities in Bridgeport, Connecticut on Bobby's behalf.

Dear Bridgeport Law Enforcement,

Although the kennel that Bobby the dog is being held in is supposedly legal and provides necessary amenities, it is still outdoors, poorly lit, and prevents the dog from having contact with others. Connecticut passed a law against unreasonable confinement in 2010, and this is blatantly unreasonable confinement. This owner has created a “legal” confinement that tortures this dog and the neighbors who have to listen to him cry.

This dog is being punished for nothing. Even if he has access to necessary amenities, neighbors have reported that he is clearly in distress, crying constantly for help and trying to escape. Neglect is not only deprivation of food and water, but deprivation of attention, exercise, and human contact. Therefore, Bobby’s case is a form of neglect.

Dogs are social creatures and it is well-known that they become severely distressed in isolation. It is not a human’s right to jail an animal just because they do not want or have time for the animal.

This dog should be put up for adoption or surrendered if the owner does not free him immediately. At the very least, concerned neighbors should be allowed to walk, play with, or visit Bobby daily if law enforcement refuses to prevent the neglect.

Please sign this petition demanding that Bobby’s owner release him from this sickening solitary confinement or surrender him via the below link.

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