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Free bagels May 3rd - 9th


Einstein Brothers  are giving out free bagels! If you have facebook, sign up to become a fan of Einstein Brothers. This is the "offers" section of facebook.  As soon as you do that, you will be able to print off a coupon for the free bagel. This coupon is good until May 9th. If you don't have facebook, maybe it is time to join. A free bagel is worth it.

Or you can follow Einstein Brothers on their website. You can join the other 500,000 people who are supporters of Einstein on facebook. Or follow these guys on twitter. You can also sign up to become a member of their E-club.

When you go to Einstein Brothers, check out their new thin bagel sandwiches. They have tuna, turkey, and turkey, bacon, and avocado.

Picture from: A Flawless Blog

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Einstein Brothers Bagels


  • Harris 4 years ago

    Einstein's bagels are so bad that they should always be free. For a real bagel you really have to hit the east coast. Einstein's, Bruegger's, Byerly's and all the other imposters are just horrible. Better to order from H & H in NY and pay the premium.