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Free audio Bible ministry works to spread truth

Offering FREE Audio Books of the Bible
Offering FREE Audio Books of the Bible

Have you ever wished you could grab one Book from the Bible, tuck it in your purse or backpack and take it with you? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to give one Book in the Bible that is near and dear to your heart to someone as a gift? Well now you can…

Your Working Copy is a non-profit, mission-minded organization seeking to fulfill a host of God-inspired goals to reach out to the world with His Word.

Over 20 years ago, Susan Bates, founder of Your Working Copy (YWC), felt an urgency to spread God’s Word in an un-adulterated format. With that same urgency today and a belief that speeches, devotionals, songs and books can sometimes get in the way of the pure message of God’s Word in the Bible, Bates uses her gifts to break down the Bible in itty-bitty bite-sized pieces. Bates believes that in order to know God better, we must feed on His Word.

YWC offers many books of the Bible in an Audio CD format, book by book, for free; with the goal of having the entire Bible completed by Spring of 2011: “There are sixty-six books in the Bible, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Your Working Copy has made these audio books available for anyone who wishes to listen to this amazing story and true account. Each book of the Bible can be downloaded digitally or ordered through our site for a small shipping and handling fee.”

Often times, reading the Bible can become overwhelming…But YWC suggests a different approach to help supplement your Bible Study…book by book:

This approach encourages us to let the Word of God dwell in us richly, going beyond the surface and mining the Word for the depths of its truths. Repetitive listening is an excellent means for going deeper. The beauty of this approach is that it is a supplement to our current methods of study and engagement with the Bible; it is an add-on that promotes our spiritual growth. We cannot help but be positively impacted by repetitive listening to God’s Holy Word

Not only does the Book by Book audio format help supplement Bible Study but for those who haven’t had educational opportunities in life to learn how to read or who are unable to hear, Your Working Copy is an ideal help.

Your Working Copy does not encourage purchasing a set of audio CDs of the entire Bible. Such sets already line the bookshelves in the homes of many of us. YWC does encourage us to take one book of the Bible. Read it, listen to it, and study it until that single book of the Bible becomes so familiar to us that God’s word dwells in us richly (Colossians 3:16)”

With financial support from donations and much faith going forward, Your Working Copy has outlined many goals for the future of their ministry:

1 – Distribute 1 million copies of the Gospel of John.

2 – Establish a training program to prepare Public Bible Readers.

3 – Launch “Elder Hear” - a Bible CD program and listening stations for the elderly.

4 – Launch “Tomorrow” – a Bible Study Program for prison groups.

5 – Place complete sets of YWC audio Bible books in libraries throughout the U.S.

Bates, holding on to the principles set forth in 1 Thessalonians 5:24, believes that what God called her to many years ago, He will honor through her faithful and consistent efforts.

Holding on to the mission given them, Your Working Copy is diligent to “provide the Word of God to the world in a way that we can hear, understand, remember and receive...And encourages us to “listen, learn and grow and then pass it on…”

Are you interested in Your Working Copy? You can check them out on their website at

Would you like to give an audio book of the Bible to someone as a gift? YWC also has greeting cards that come with audio Books in them. Click this link to check out the variety of messages they have: Greeting Cards at YWC

For more information, to donate to this amazing ministry or to get an audio CD for yourself, go to their website or contact Your Working Copy at:

Ph: 205-836-4708


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  • Richard rg1 4 years ago

    Pretty awesome source of ministry ! They frequently sale similar books at the dollar store which acts as a pretty good market for the bible CD's too !

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