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Free Atkins diet start up kit

The free Atkins Diet Quick-Start Kit is a great way for those interested in losing weight to familiarize themselves with the well-liked low-carb, high-protein diet plan. The Atkins diet is one of the most popular low carb eating plans in the United States and many users claim to have lost weight quickly while following the diet. Check with your health-care provider before beginning any weight loss plan, including the Atkins Diet.

Atkins Diet products. These products are not part of the free sample kit.
Photo by Justin Sullivan

The Atkins start up kit includes a guide to the diet plan, a carbohydrate (carb) counter booklet, a coupon and free samples of the popular Atkins bars. The book contains a list for the approved foods allowed on each of the Atkins’ phases. There’s no doubt; however, that the big draw to this freebie is the free Atkins bars. It’s important to understand that Atkins’ supplements are not required while on the diet; but many users find the diet bars taste delicious, are satisfying for hunger and the perfect size for low-carb dieters needing an on-the-go snack.

The Atkins’ Carb Counter book is great addition to any low-carb diet plan. The carb counting book includes listings for popular restaurant, menu items, everyday foods and brand name items. The book is convenient size and easily transportable. Users may keep the book in their purse or briefcase for easy access when checking food and beverage carb content. Food items are listed according to acceptable phase, making it easy for Atkins diet adherents to avoid mistakes and stay within the plan’s guidelines.

Signing up for your free Atkins diet kit is quick and easy. Just head over to the site, fill in your information then wait for your free samples to arrive. The Atkins website provides free tools and resources for those on the plan and users may sign up for newsletters, promotional offers, free recipes and more.

Click here for your free Atkins Diet Quick-Start kit.

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