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'Free as a bird' painting inspires reflection

Humming bird
Humming bird
Tim George

Being outdoors, one may feel as free as a bird. Often, we are locked inside by our work life and responsibilities. We are confined to our recliners, couches, and fear wandering too far from the perch or refrigerator. Being caged isn’t good for the circulation.

'Free as a bird' whimsical painting by Anya Getter
Anya Getter

See the picture of Anya Getter’s “Free as bird” painting. What makes it whimsical is the addition of a little wooden bird resting atop the painting outside the cage.

Look outside. See the goldfinches dining on the flowers. Those flowers were planted just for them. When the plants are growing, and far before flowers bloom, birds scout the area as if they somehow can identify what has been planted in those pots. Even if I can’t remember, they can.

As flowers appear, young birds are eager to see if the seeds are ready. They rip off a few petals just to check. I don’t mind their doing that as it is a part of the natural process.

Those birds seem to enjoy every type of flower that is out there: sunflowers, coreopsis, zinnias, cosmos, and everything else.

My brother, Mr. Etch-a-Sketch is also a bird man. He photographs them and shares images with me. Sometimes, he gives permission to share them with you. He has sketched hundreds of images using the Etch-a-Sketch toy, and many are birds.

I have seen Baltimore Orioles this year, but have yet to get a picture of them. They move fast. I had some multicolor finches show up, not the common Goldfinches but others. I missed those shots too.

My brother has photographed the elusive wild turkey. I have seen them along the Potomac, but have not taken a photo.

Take a look at the slideshow to see some birds that Tim and I both have captured this past year. When you can’t photo them, you can still paint them.

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