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Free apps for family organization


I don’t know about you, but sometimes trying to keep up with your entire family's schedule (including your own!) can make you feel like you’ve lost your mind and are spending most of your days staggering around looking for it!

Today, families are busier than ever and there’s no wonder why life can feel overwhelming and flat out chaotic at times. Organization is key to maintaining a less stressful life and home, and while some folks have an almost annoying organization gene, others just don’t. If you are one of the many who are lacking major organization in your life, grab your phone. Here are a few apps designed specifically to help keep your life in check and your head screwed on.

Cozi: Stop having to constantly nag and remind everyone in your house about chore lists, appointments, and more. Instead, let the Cozi app do it for you. Cozi allows you to manage an entire family calendar by adding appointments, setting reminders, and uploading too-do lists for each member of your family. All updates you make automatically sync to all users connected to your account by sending them emails and texts to confirm appointments. Free. For iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and the web.

Grocery IQ: This is a great app for anyone who has to manage constant trips to the grocery store. Grocery IQ allows you set up lists for multiple stores, organize your shopping by aisle, and print lists and coupons via WiFi. The app also syncs to multiple phones, so your roommate or spouse will be as informed as you are when it comes to what’s missing from the kitchen cabinets. Free. For iPhone and Android.

Astrid: One thing that many people enjoy about a list is actually being able to check tasks off when they’ve been completed. Astrid helps you clear off to-do lists by showing weekly status updates that show what has been completed and what is still left to do. Free. For iPhone and Android.