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Free app simplifies Bible study for iPhone generation

Bible study for the iPhone generation
Bible study for the iPhone generation
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Christian blogger Jeffrey Kranz has created something new in the world of Bible study and memorization. His smartphone-like icons simplify the text of each book of the Bible into a logo-like image. The images have been compared to a cross between an Apple iOS app and Christian sticker set. The app is free.

Kranz’s set begins with the Pentateuch, or the Law, which are the first five books of the Bible. These books deal with the Law of Moses, Israel’s beginnings, and the ancient agreement with God and His people. Genesis, which means the beginning, is the first book of the Bible. This is where a good deal of the Bible stories we know so well can be found, such as Noah’s Ark, Cain and Abel, Joseph’s coat, and Adam and Eve. In This icon you see one star, the representation of Israel, standing out from the others. God choose Abraham to begin a unique nation. The surrounding stars, twelve in number, signify the twelve tribes of Israel.

The Old and New Testaments are color-coded for easy reference. From Proverbs, to Psalms, to the Song of Solomon, the set seems quite complete with all 66 book of the Bible represented. Just click one of Bible icons to jump to a particular book of the Bible. Kranz says he created this app for “hard-core, Bible-loving, Bible-teaching brothers and sisters to use for blog posts, presentations, sermons, and course notes.” They come in .png formats with a few sizes from which to choose. There are full-color or black-and-white options of each Bible icon, in each size.

On his blog, The Overview Bible Project, Kranz writes, "The written word is great, but we all know quick visuals would make it even easier to get the gist of the Bible's many books. So this one goes out to all the Sunday school teachers, OT-survey and NT-survey professors, and expository pastors who want a quick, high-level illustration of every book of the Bible."

If you would like a tour of the icons, see the thought process behind each one or download for free, click here.