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Frederick Ransom, another 'vampire' of the 19th century New England panic

Everyone has heard of Mercy Brown, the young girl who died from tuberculosis and was called a vampire, so her body was exhumed and her heart was burned and given to her brother to drink. It was a strange story indeed. This all happened in Rhode Island, and the 19th century, there was a New England Vampire Panic.

Brown wasn't the only person to die from tuberculosis and was called a vampire after their death, there was another young person, a young named Frederick Ransom.

Ransom came from a wealthy family in South Woodstock, VT. Ransom was a college student at Dartmouth. He died from tuberculosis on Feb. 14, 1817 (On Valentine's Day no less) at age 20. Well with the whole panic, his father was worried that his son would come back to harm the family, so like Brown, his body was exhumed and his heart was burned.

His father also thought if he burned his son's heart, the other family members would not die from the disease and sadly that was not the case.

So Frederick Ransom, was another 'vampire' in the case of the panic that happened in East. Of course he wasn't really one of the undead, but his family thought so. It's a very strange story indeed...

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