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Freddie the friendly ghost lived on at Canadian museum

Queen Elizabeth II looks at a whale skeleton during her visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature on June 30, 2010.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario abounds with paranormal activity including a ghost who has been named “Freddie” by staff.

It is believed that this spirit has resided at the museum since about 1850. That is when a display was set up on the fourth floor about superstition and folklore. The display includes such items as religious artifacts, open caskets and a shattered mirror.

According to one employee, there has been a joke circulating that Freddie might have “moved out” some time between 2004 and 2010 when renovations were made. The fourth floor now houses Animalium, bird galleries and an exhibit called Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence.

Even though Freddie might be gone, all indications point to a ghost or two still roaming the building. There have been reports of a host of paranormal activity including “weird noises – especially at night,” door opening and closing when no one was there, elevators that appear self-propelled and move from floor to floor, appliances and equipment starting up unaided, the tolling of bells, dancing shadows and cold spots. On the third floor, people have even felt the touch of an icy hand.

Stories abound of various folks including a workman having been killed in the building. However, it just might be due to spirits who are attached to items within the museum. There are historical displays of everything from attire to a wide variety of artifacts.

The Canadian Museum of Nature at 240 McLeod Street is currently celebrating 40 years but the building's history goes back to 1921. The museum includes not only information on animals and plants indigenous to Canada but also prehistoric fossils, minerals, plants and animals including a Puijila (a prehistoric walking seal) found in the high arctic and the bones of a horned dinosaur. There is also information on Canada’s native peoples and associated artifacts.


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