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Fred the K-9 cop Has a Tough Day – Dog Fired For Having Fun on the Job

Fred the K-9 dog is fired by police
Fred the K-9 dog is fired by police
photo credit - Gulfport police

Every dog has its day except when it comes to Fred the K-9 police dog. According to Fox News the police fired this dog in Mississippi because it seems that he “was having too much fun on the job.” It wasn’t that Fred was behaving badly when it came to doing what K-9 dogs do. It’s just that when a K-9 pooch is on the job, his head or the case of Fred the police dog, his nose should be in the game.

Well, Fred, while an excellent at searching a building for drugs and bombs, he also had a lighter side as well, when performing tasks for the Gulfport Police Department.

It seems that this well trained Belgian Malinois was going through the ropes while having his nose to the grindstone, his playful side would perhaps see a soda can and begin playing with the object, reports Fox News.

The police did not want to give up on the dog, and even tried to find ways to train him in order to nip the distractive notions right out of his head. But the $12,000 to $13,000 that the city paid for the canine just seemed to be money not well spent, because the dog retraining was a no-go.

According to the Sun Herald, Chief Leonard Papania the two year partnership with Fred had to come to an end, since the dog’s credibility and effectiveness would be a problem. “I can’t speak specifically about what will happen with Fred. I can tell you nothing terrible will happen to Fred,” Papania told the Sun Herald.

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