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Fred Phelps Apparently is not Gay But Remains Dead

Pity the Children
Pity the Children
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Funny piece in the Currant, which is satire folks. Article says Phelps family asks for privacy during his burial and respect during this difficult time of mourning.

Ha ha.

Too much time and energy and words have been wasted on this man and his family and his church.

Some of the words were necessary. Like those utilized for his disbarment.

And of course, it needed to be both written and said that Westboro Baptist Church had inverted the beliefs of Jesus Christ to be exactly opposite of what was preached.

WBC was not alone in this. Any so-called Christian legislator who cuts food stamps or a business executive who condemns gays, blacks or any group, is no better that this Church.

This group, mostly the family and relatives of Fred Phelps were just so outré and bizarre that people paused. Like watching a snake eat a rabbit. The action is both horrifying and hypnotic simultaneously.

But to ridicule WBC and not Paul Ryan demonstrates ignorance about the meaning of faith and universal love.

Actually, it would be better for the country if some of these Congress folks ran around the country protesting in lieu of passing inhumane legislation.

After awhile, a lot of the words about WBC stopped, or at least abated. Motorcyclists have come and drown out the hateful chants of members of the church when they picketed.

And do not look for rhyme or reason in the Phelps family’s actions.

But the real tragedy is the fate and daily existence of the children growing up as part of the so-called Church. They are yanked all around the country, fed a diet of hate and spittle and forced to say it back on command.

Social Services of Topeka, Kansas- your move.

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